Simone Bodève

Simone Bodève - écrivaine française (1876-1921)

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Simone Bodève - Double Morale, Contes Et Essais par Dominique Hoffman on Scribd

Petite Lotte (traduction en anglais du roman de Simone Bodève) par Dominique Hoffman sur Scribd

Petite Lotte - Simone Bodève By Dominique Hoffman
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Originally published in French in 1907 by Bonvallot-Jouve and in 1912 by Librairie Paul Ollendorff Paris, La Petite Lotte by Simone Bodève (1876-1921) was nominated for the French Prix Goncourt. It has received critical acclaim by Romain Rolland, Octave Mirbeau, George de Bouhelier, Claire Geniaux. It is considered to be the first novel about the urban working class by a female working class author. It should be seen as an important social document. It follows the literary tradition of realism set by Emile Zola and tells the story of Charlotte Bugeot who was born in Paris in 1880 and worked in the fashion industry manufacturing artificial flowers. Now for the first time, this novel is available in English.
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